Black Belt Consulting Services

Black Belt Consulting works with business owners to help run and grow their technology business.

General Management
For both short to medium term engagements

Black Belt Consulting can support your business with day-to-day operational management. We offer hands-on management which entails directly completing operational work.

Strategic & Operational Planning
Detailed annual operating plans with execution

Business growth starts with planning! Black Belt Consulting can work with you to develop strategic and operational plans.

Understand the numbers

Black Belt Consulting are specialists in business analysis and can support your team by providing detailed analysis of sales, customers and products.

Digital Strategy
Extensive experience within the online space

Black Belt Consulting can simplify your digital strategy to provide practical support and initiatives.

Digital Automation
Automate your processes with proven technology

Black Belt Consulting offers cost-effective technology that will automate your business and deliver reporting.

Corporate Development
Business growth strategies including acquisition.

We can act on your behalf with external providers (valuers, financiers, banks, lawyers) to ensure the right outcome for you.

We work within your business, providing structure and senior management support to help meet your business needs.

Who We Are

Andrew Barton - Principal Consultant

Black Belt Consulting was founded by Andrew Barton.

Andrew has an impressive record in general management, digital strategy, sales development and corporate planning. As a proven senior executive, Andrew has strong commercial experience in building and leading businesses, particularly within the technology and online sectors.

With more than 15 years’ experience in operational management, business planning and technology research, we have a proven track record in enabling businesses, particularly technology and online entities, reach their full potential.

Start today
Experience & Expertise
Track Record in Delivery Success

Black Belt offers proven expertise, backed by more than 15 years senior management experience, to support your business aspirations.

Undertands what business needs to grow
Deep understanding having been there before

The team at Black Belt have grown out of working within businesses and dealing with similar problems. We understand as we have been there before.

Affordable & flexible expertise
You define the engagement

We can work within your budget, whether it be project based, short-term or set engagement each month. Access to Executive delivery as you need it.

Latest News

Case Studies of Work

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Operating Plans – Where they fail and how to plan for success!

Operating Plans – Where they fail and how to plan for success! Most businesses go thru the annual process of budgeting and planning for the next financial year. Smart businesses

Contract General Management – A new method of delivery!

Contract General Management – A new method of delivery! A General Manager is a senior member of the management team, typically with the responsibility of a function of the business.

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Black Belt Consulting provides a free 1 hour consultation which will enable you the opportunity to evaluate our services. This is also a chance for you to articulate areas of the business you feel need assistance. Start today.

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